She’s A Good Girl…

I adopted a seven-week-old puppy from the Oregon Humane Society last week, and took an (un)necessary number of HD and portrait mode photos of her with my iPhone X. Instead of flooding peoples’ news-feeds with photos of this busy baby dinosaur, I deciding to put them on TheDigest. Now meet KALI...

November 18, 2018

They coined me a quiet storm, a silent ninja on a dark battlefield torn—envisioning a fire in the sky, writing for the world to understand why.

….I still reminisce that red-eye flight descending into a clearport near you, solo views, thunderclouds or a few, as an awakening after a night en route. First-captain’s awaiting his clear to land light, auto-pilot off and the runway lights lit bright.

We exit between the morning’s rush of traveling road-warriors. Beside those who have places to fly, our time ticks down, pilots switch out, and the people who didn’t sleep, well, they frown…

….because over the night they sat next to a wiggles.

Making you wish you’d paid for an exit row seat, now tired and brittle.

Untrained for night. Untamed to fly.

I’m talking about my puppy now, who’s untrained to potty on her own, or hold it without a whining tone.

I adopted a dog and she’ll always need me to potty. Of course Lil’ baby boopers makes poopers, but her excuse is, “I’m only a puppy so excuse my bloopers.

Unless I train her to flush my two-button having toilet, sleep is for the weak…. For now.

Back to night-flights, where I never slept much through the nights. Instead I night-dreamt. Which is what I do at 2AM with Kali when she needs to go pee. 

Often wondering what she day dreams about, I hear her crying in her sleep. Maybe that’s how dogs weep?

But what should I expect from a stray? A dumpster baby from Californ-i-a…

Now again meet Kali, coined after some dark thoughts I thrice had, but decided to shed them into light. Like the dark quiet storm, where I told ThePeople how I once felt reborn, now with puppy, I often wonder if she knows she’s a ninja’s companion who feels lucky untorn.

Having been afraid of the dark, both mentally and visually, with Kali at 3AM, she leads me into the dark—both mentally and visually. A puppy isn’t easy to care for alone through the night. But if your kids wear crowns through the night, I’m sure they’ll be alright before the morning’s bright.

If you read Sky’s The Limit, you’ll find that some stories begin in the dark as canvassing thoughts of light. Pick one, because you decide what that portrait could look like.

And so, as I wake up and sleep odd hours for this baby beast, my thoughts through cold nights outside voyage amongst stars. With so much on my mind, Kali’s eyes dilate upon mines.

We humans sleep during this time, young pupp’….” her tail wags. I’m sleepy mad.

“Whatever, you’re not my real K9 dad!” I thought of her to say.

We head in anyways, and whatever…. We’ve got all day to play. She needs to know I typically don’t allow anything to disrupt my sleep unless it’s a red-eye in peace.

She does way too much before pooping or a pee.

But that’s what puppies do. The patient mountains of hell they pull us through.

They say, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…and no, raising a puppy isn’t anything like where that saying came from. But a warrior needs synergy, complexity, and a back-pocket ego until his work is done.

But as the nights are like my old red-eye-flights, I envision through dark until wheels down and we park.


The one with companion, Budd

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