A Black Man’s Writing about his nice BMW again(chuckles). Yeah, this is a Black Man’s Wish, to freely write about his nice BMW time and time again. Likely gunna’ quote Jay-Z like that’s his rapper friend. It’s just a car, and wordplay man…damn! Who are you better than? The man behind the words you published back then? Brighten up; Make a Wish and get back to inspiring man.
November 30, 2018

BMW Driver: 1792

1792, listen up folks I got a story for you. Yes, a newly Bourbon connoisseur to clarify with you.

Wrote a lot of confusing thoughts under the influence of you.

Drove my nice BMW with the intention of never purchasing you.

Would be a fool to think I could drive under the influence of you.

I got home thinking why I spent the extra few dollars on you.

46.3 percent I woulda’ puked taking a shot of you.

I once drove, lost my vehicle under influences like you.

But then I got it right back, so I got a story for you….…

If you know the history behind the man of mystery, then it’s a lot of configuring of an untold story.

Unfolding so hold that thought, be still, don’t worry.

The truth is, I was playing on those planes, ya’ll caught me in traffic.

Ya’ll fly too?? I would have asked him, “they do this to you too?”

But this is about my nice BMW, and how these words can inspire you.

Not my writing, drunk off 1792.

But what a year for Kentucky, I hope the history reminded a few.

Read the following rhymes; my simple drive from time to time. And I’ll show you what black I’ve glorified.

Again, it’s simple. You’ll soon read why.

Originally planes, never really trains, but often a car, that infatuated me past the desire to drive this far.

Far enough to be lightning any day. After picking up that 1792, I knew the rest would be up to you.

Said situation, when blissful in the light, the dark must shine so ever bright.

And so, the rust had to go; wire scrubbers, anti-copper seize, wash what will soon again glow.

The Black Effect revives respect, no more than how a few extra dolla’ bills can make an appeal.

The mid day fade of the Autumn Sun, created shade for this canvas and my Black BMW pun.

M/// wheels for them to decide, but most are just looking; curious of black inside. Their car reflecting on mine, wishing theirs still in its prime.

But I was there once on the side of Highway 26 with a blown head gasket. Never went back to pick it up, fuck up, the world can have it.

The Elantra drove well and cruised to Vegas and back. Later traded-in for my Black Bat-Mobile; upgraded for the Black Effect appeal.

The Bat-Mobile’s story ended after a night of bad decisions. 5 years later I was fortunate after I bought my 540i for the speed and precision.

The decision, told by my 1792 influence. Yet budgeted like college, and my 2am Taco-Bell DUI that screwed me, I nearly gave up seeking knowledge.

Drunkin’ words or drunkin’ verbs?

Sorry kids, I was drunk driving. That’s a faction word.

But today it’s my story of glory, so keep reading as it also intrigued me away from my past worry.

I once bought a Benz tho…. But what a shit show. The man charged me $433 for a basic ass stereo.

If it wasn’t cars it was something of a wishful far. Subtle enough I hesitated to publish this post.

Thinking I’d be doing the most.

Uncertain as a distant star…But obviously I’m publishing it so far…

Now, back to a December to remember.

After my 540i spun out of control. The following morning, in mourning, I had to say goodbye to my father. I prayed no one then would bother.

Rear wheel drive BMWs up a Hilltop of glory, not ideal for Portland’s random snow and ice storming’s.

But there I was and no will to be had. I was in debt, the rear wheel axle fucked up, rims bent, and worse my insurance wasn’t 100 percent.

But who cares? Please continue reading because I’ve got just a bit more to shareIt won’t be long; but I am still typing. So, I could be wrong. This could get boring or frightening; words, they may soon come with lightningI’m like my Father in the pulpit, he would always tell the people, ”….and in closing”. Knowing damn well he was just getting started. A preacher’s son today, telling the story as if reborn, and we once departed.

That’s why I drive my BMW as if that day is tomorrow.

A December to remember.

December 14th, 2016 was a day I drowned in sorrow.

A Black Man’s wish. But now his first BMW gone, like his father, so fuck tomorrow.

I thought my Wars with GOD were bold; but my inspiration is the people, inspired by stories well told.

That’s you, you’re why I share my stories slightly deep too.

But the glory was seen on my run, up the Hilltops of glory. A hill down the street from my home, now a part of my story.

Just an aspect, you’ll read more don’t worry. But my Black BMW is what today I put to glory.

Today on my drove up Caesar Chavez Boulevard, I witnessed a young lady walking on the sidewalk, splashed by a minivan driving passed her.

I said, “damn that minivan driving bastard…!”

So, I slowed down, so I wouldn’t splash her.

It was in MotorSport, so yeah mate, I speed up unnecessarily faster.

She better had appreciated that, because I’m not the average BMW that’s driving faster.

More like a driver driven by the things that once nearly drove and killed the driver.

Running from the things that I think can still kill the driver.

I drove my best friend’s car that far, because she didn’t respond faster. What a Suicidal disaster.

Drove home and cried. For years denial and today, laughter.

Today, I drove home from this photo-shoot, and on the way, I picked up some 1792.

To simply laugh and have some influence over the story I planned to share with you.

Bourbon connoisseurs this one’s for you.

I found the Driver so I hope this inspires you.

But in closing, my story isn’t done you see.

My stories are the Bridges you see. Symbolic of how I built them, ran over them, after I cried rivers to flood them for years constantly.

So, follow my story, because you can trust there’s more I’ll share with these runs up the Hilltops of glory!

You’ll again read why I glorify my story. Maybe it’ll inspire you to #GlorifyYourWHY and you’ll share my story!


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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