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Photo taken at Bajuras Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

It doesn’t matter how you feel; what matters is where you are going, to feel. Therefore you must move—because life’s like a bike, and you gotta paddle forward to sustain balance.

Feelings and emotions are data that must be analyzed. The challenging part about analyzing emotional data is separating yourself from past narratives associated with the emotions. Assuming you’re able to do that, transcending that narrative is essential.

You never want to suppress emotions. But if you’re stuck in the emotion, swim in it, ride it, and dive deeper. CRY, if you must. Emotions, like a wave, are there to be felt—they want you to ride them as a surfer would.

Transcendence, begins when you understand how to step away from the emotional wave and fall backward like a surfer knows when to do as a wave dies out upon shallow waters.

Be advised, I was [never]a licensed therapist in my past lifetime, so consult with your doctor before telling people Budd told you so. I write generally because I get it. I’ve meditated through emotional trauma and suicide.

The specifics are unnecessary because I feel that if someone really wanted to know, they’d ask. But again, this is an iteration of a past life naturally flowing out of me through words.

I rarely plan to write like this, but it’s a wave I felt.

So here I am and writing you.

Falling back now…🏄🏾‍♂️🌊



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