Lès Doodis

Featured artwork is an original James Brown oil painting by Christopher Clark.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Life is a bike—because if you stop moving, you’ll lose balance.

And so, you come at me with the kickstand argument. A motorbike and a bicycle can stand upright when the kickstand is out. If gusting wind doesn’t, someone’s gonna tip it over.

Ok—so let’s say life’s a dance, two-stepping, and we find most of you with two left feet. But it won’t matter if you keep moving. You never know. Because hey, they even choreographed the crip-walk during the Super Bowl halftime show.

And I know you saw them foo’s on their lowrider bikes during California Love?

But if life’s a dance and you rode your bike to the juke-joint, what are you doing with those two left feet? 

Get down?

Or get up?

If you do either, just remember, in order for you to get down you gotta get in deep!

So go on and be the smooth cat soaking up the dance wall with that Jheri curl. Or the country bumpkin smothering dirt all over the dance floor with his boots. Unless them boots are walking all over you, what’s it to them gals hollering over for chew?

And don’t worry, I didn’t forget where I’m going with this, I just had to keep writing, or my bike would tip.


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