The Weight Of Art

Feature photo taken at the Giza Necropolis, Greater Cairo, Egypt

I’m a creative author—who wants nothing more of this world than to encourage others to write a future if they feel out of touch with society or their communities…

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The weight of the heart can be expressed in a book. An author[me] will best portray feelings and associate them with narratives to connect with readers. How different must they be to transmit an eternity of understandings, visions, and emotions that, in turn, are a product of an authoring desire?

In my first book, you’ll read my anxiety, free from the judgment of others and myself. It’s packaged as creative—meditative writing—as I address the eye of my readers with haiku. There, you’re journaling An Eye Between My Haiku.


For More On This Series…

The character of another dimension is sold to you as my own, whose aloof attitude writes his journal to you, who won’t give a f*ck. A Recollection Through Him, RIGIL, from the parallels of the Milky Way, presents you with his mind in writing.


For More On This Series…

He inspired me to publish a journal of transcending thought. So, I wrote through my muse, however, printed for the eye of the heart—encouraging aspired creatives to shut up and write their future. A Muse In Tunes is book two of my creative journaling series. I published this while in Mumbai, India.


For More On This Series…

Each book represents a personal transcendence. And every word is written as my way of expressing the practice of going beyond emotions of doubt and writing through waves of creative passion.

The hardcovers weigh as much as any other book with 200+ pages of Amazon’s KDP ink. However, the weight of art is immeasurable and relative.

So about the feature photo, where I’m positioned in front of the Giza Pyramids as if I’m carrying a massive rock over my head. As a common photo taken by tour guides, you don’t see this author coming off two nights of being stuck in two different airports. You don’t see the home he sold and left behind to pursue a life of writing on the go. Also, his puppy, which he surrendered to a safe home so he could pack his luggage and follow his calling to lands that only his childhood dreams show.

And that’s only what I care to share, today…

For most of you, these books are just another production of words. In context, it’s a hearty creation, scaled through an exhibition of art—all to show you something different.

…that massive rock could be falling on me. Good thing I lift weights😉