Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

**August 3, 2019

When the buffalo’s in love his horn floats the torn.

Hearts of society spreading love in a variety.

Fly swatting the deep, quieting the sheep, you people don’t think.

He sings what he believes. Thoughts inhaled too deep.

It’s how he breathes — the next move even he couldn’t relieve.

Your pain and agony to insanity. His character of no one’s bribery.

But a Channel inviting the mystic of thee.

Divine IX smacking a crime. Hell naw we don’t cry from A5.

10 years from now would you still be holding my shrine?

I don’t know who hears me, I am not crying in fear.

With trust and hope, I don’t know where the means come to continue and bloat.

I miss my girlfriend, yeah yeah, boo hoo…

But we’ve bore it all for our dreams to take off — woo hoo…

You’d miss her too, likely go crazy for not sticking next to you.

But a girls gotta do whats only in a few.

Leave to maintain a better you.

People don’t change, they grow to be a better view.

Into the self of admiring virtues.

Here art thou cry, I am not hurt away from you.


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