Farewell December

Photo by Marco Tjokro on Unsplash

Monday, December 13, 2021

The podcast recorded below is a moment of farewell before packing up my studio. Next, I’ll be speaking from Islands, mountains, next to rivers and oceans. It sounds absurd, right?

Back in September, I decided to list my home for sale. I was hesitant to do so for about 18 months, not only because of COVID, but I spent two years putting together a house that I didn’t know how long I’d be living in for. As the satisfaction of my home faded, I felt I was no longer growing as a creative, and my body yearned for an adventure where I didn’t come home. And the void began to dominate.

But why?

I’d like to answer that by saying, a ‘better part’ of me was begging to break out of the cocoon. As if the better part of me was often peeking over the edge of a cliff, whispering, “just jump, negro; you are your own hero…”

So, I did.

I’m leaving Portland on December 31st. I’ll be flying into the New Year, literally, just like I ran into the New Year through midnight going into the year 2020.

Unless asked, I’ll share my first destination once the airplane is wheels down on January 1, 2022.

And before I close out this piece, happy birthday to a future friend of mine, Taylor Swift

If you would like to support me through my travels, you can donate one time or monthly through the Ko-fi link below. It’s like a Patreon account.

My decision to travel for an indefinite length of time is long over due. For a while, I kept questioning myself, what am I doing in this three-bedroom home, plus my studio, alone, with chills running through my veins each time I envision traveling the world. COVID was a great excuse. A home to keep was also a great excuse. When people suggested that I rent out my house to have a home to come back to, the chills through my veins felt contaminated.

I’m stubborn.

Dekum’s Blue was a bridge. Although the house helped grow me, it bares many rivers I’ve cried and the countless bridges I’ve built to get over…but never mind that.

Just know that I’ve jumped. Now I’m en route to fulfilling my next assignment in a flight of life.





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