From The Void We Regret To Feed

Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Before the motivating meditation for a Monday’s matter,

Quadruple M’s for readers to chatter.

My aiming vice to dull it.

Seattle won and now I can cheer.

Whew… the holidays are over, now work from here.

Did you forget life’s a blessing to sheer, holiday bliss, and love?

Fly the serpent’s way or sway the moral’s prey, just don’t lie.

Be well as the driver’s fly, pilots aviate, and doctors save.

What’s next is the new inviting world of crave.

Finally owning up to the new you so brave.

Dare to doubt, limit the cries, but love.

For your angels await in trust.

They guide lite as the dust.

Say, “slow down…!”

If you must.

And never,

“I give up..”

Void it.

& love.


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