For The Lonely Holiday Train Of Thoughts

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Friday, December 24, 2021

This is really about what the lonely do for Christmas. And here’s what they did three years ago. Did you read that? How about that evenly paired, holiday flow.

But there was no lone wolf, though; just me, dreaded in hope. An egotistical writer, reflecting his nope.

This is really about the holidays, and the many I’ve grown. And the one two years ago, how I was soo got- damn broke. Like, what you gunna do? Pray your family forgets, or creatively manipulate their gifts?


Heartbreaks suck around Christmas. Friendships are exposed on gift lists. And jobs try and show appreciation, but after the New Year, you understand how much you liked that job all year.

Fuck them. And oh…

You gotta’ thank them. Take accountability and become frim. Because this is really about the train of thoughts keeping you from the best part of the holidays. That is, the part of you who decides to put the lonely pathetic version of yourself, on the shelf.

In conclusion, the holidays are stupid. We celebrate this time of year for a variety of reasons. Each year, we hear the anti-Jesus’ birthday folks, the anti-Santa’s, anti-Pagans, and lets not forget the anti-happy people. There’s Kwanza and Hanukkah, too.

But this is really about the lonely few, who feel the world has forgotten about you. Well guess what, I forgot about you, too—because you should, too.

Train for faith, hope, prosperity, giving, and with all these things and more, smile mathafucka 🙂


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