I Used To Get It In Nevada

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Last week’s edition of wheels down was ran near the SouthPoint Casino, around South Las Vegas boulevard.

It was hot. But not as hot as this run to the right.

Watch the video. It’s not that entertaining. I just remember asking myself in the midst of another Portland heat wave, what could I do today, that’ll make people look at me funny for? Of course, I came up with the idea to run my neighborhood’s steepest hill at the hottest hour of the day.


The answer’s somewhere written on this page.

Both runs, in Portland and Las Vegas, were hard. One thing that’ll be harder, is if in four to five years, I’m still giving readers the same reason for why I’m running at ‘hell on earth’ hours of the day. At least if it’s the same reason, credit me authenticity, right? No. I actually think authenticity is difficult because it’s boring. I mean, having, or trying to be the same damn person at ALL times?

…context is everything, so that’ll be another blog post. Or covered in Book Two of Budd’s Creative Journaling Series.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what all these runs mean. My superego wants to assume there’s a greater outcome for all these sun-hot runs. Meaning, I’m doing something even I can’t see unfolding. Or better, I’m not doing this for me. I could be doing this for other people.

I wasn’t always in this great of shape.

Here’s a link to BuddWrite’s Instagram. The highlights of the Las Vegas run are up, along with Santa Monica’s run in LA the prior week.

Speaking of highlights, this song…

If you are the big tree,

We are the small axe,

Sharpened to cut you down…,”

That’s Bob Marley & The Wailer’s infamous, “Small Axe. I have about five versions of that song on my iTunes.

I’ve cried listening to that song, partied on the run to it, smoked a number while it played at high volumes in my living room, and right now, I’m writing to the original version. It’s off of Marley’s BURNIN deluxe edition.

The Paul and Price Remixed edition is what was playing just before taking the photo in front of the SouthPoint Casino. You can count that smile as one small axe, sharpened, and now struck to knock down a tall tree of…

Well, allow me to stop there. Because that tall tree of…something… is what I used to get in Nevada. It’s also what I assumed people would look at me funny for.



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