A Smile Written For Los Angeles

I wrote Wheels Down early fall of 2018, a few months after running my fourth cornering beach of the United States. The first corner I ran was the Santa Monica Pier, starting at Palisades Park and through Venice Beach. I was inspired to start this running venture after my first [WordPress] WordCamp conference in 2016. You can read about that experience here.

There’s something about the runner’s high that creates an inner ambiance of joy, thrill, and a voice that wants to shout and sing to people. That’s one of the many reasons I run. Yesterday, on a Tuesday, of course, I flew to Los Angeles and ran the Santa Monica Pier again. I wanted to celebrate releasing RIGIL. And it’s a great way to stay in shape 🙂

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

In the image of…

Running my love,

Smile, I must,

A creative’s playground,

L.A. and it’s beachy ground,

Ain’t it the running man?


What a clown.

But he takes tomorrow,

Dips it in sand,

Smooths it out.

Do that?

Not just anyone can.


How that man ran…

God’s running man,


Swinging his hands.

He’s weird.

That’s cause’ a beach is near.

The sun is out.

Ain’t running for clout.

Left foot, right foot,




Thank you, L.A.

That was a breeze.



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