9 Disciplinary Habits I Sustain For A Lone Creative Tribe

Featured Artwork: ‘We Chose This Road My Dear’ by Frank Moth

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

While my creative writing prompts are sparked from deep within, the advantage of this is my unique voice. The disadvantage, an audience that’s both scarce and rarely engaged. At the beginning of my writing journey, I often wrote in worry that I wouldn’t retain a reader’s engagement, but lately that’s changed.

I write to share my heart. And every so often, I reel in readers who get it. Despite close friends and family who’ve told me my poetry is in over their heads, I don’t care. My goal is to express these creative words of art and share them with those who can appreciate it.

Most professional bloggers and writers will advise you to choose a niche—hence the saying, ‘appeal to all you’ll appeal to no one.’ Unfortunately, I never found a niche in blogging. My thing is, if you have two eyes to read, a brain to comprehend, and a heart that beats, maybe my writing can appeal to you. So, if you’ve read this far, you’re discovering what I found—but I’ll get into that later.

As tribal creatures, we’re always attracting what appeals to us; from topics related to our culture, career, family, or content helping us maintain a well-being.

Sidenote: I used to hate reading. The irony in this is that I envisioned myself becoming a full-time writer at a very young age.

The kids would be off to college, maybe one that hangs around but old enough to at least have a job at the mall. My wife would stay employed for our benefits, and my success as a writer is the result of today’s overcoming struggles. Which brought me into the turning years of a new career.

I’m a writer who spends 95% of his time alone. By sacrificing a six-figure job opportunity, maybe a few women I could’ve settled with, time with family and friends, I know it all sounds cynical, but this journey has brought me fulfillment by evolving through self-maintenance.

So, here’s how I enjoy my lone tribe’s journey day-by-day, moment-to-moment, and one breath into the next…

1. Chew Food Longer & Slower.

In gratitude for the days I feared not having a meal, each bite is savored to nourish my body. For whatever tasks I have planned ahead, my food becomes the energy empowering me to will forward. Meanwhile, my phone’s out of reach, playing peaceful music, and my focus is on being patient.

2. Personal Party!

I’m open to all music—from rap, country, ambient, reggae, classical, and zen, it’s all about the soul’s deep desires. I love connecting with a song’s vibe to feel where the artist, producer, and writers meet at one. It’s even more inspiring after learning the song is done by one person. It can be weird listening to another culture’s music, but the understanding of people lies in the vernacular of sound.

3. Power Nap…

Especially when I don’t get eight hours of sleep, a quick shut eye does wanders for the mind and body. I strongly suggest that you time it and not fall into a two-hour nap that’ll kill the remainder of your day. All you need is 25 minutes maximum.

4. Embracing 5-10 Breaths Before The Next Action.

Being indecisive admits a fear, you waste time, and it shows you could be incompetent. You’ll surprise yourself through action after seeing what your body does by resetting it after a few breaths. Each inhale brings you closer to your body’s place, from there new thoughts arise. Even if you end up asking someone for help, you’ll be grateful for overcoming doubt. And, it’s a great way to keep in touch with people.

5. Writing 7-10 Things You’re Grateful For.

I often head to my journaling nook to write down a list of 7-10 simple things #AmGrateful for. From the ability to breath, work in peace, eat, call my mom, it brings me into the moment. Do this once a week and see where your emotions drive you. After four years of daily journaling, writing through gratitude is a great way to shape repetition.

6. Take Long Walks.

Because I have a puppy I have to. I also read up on how the body’s fight or flight system is improved by walking. Going back to being indecisive, it’s another way to envision your next move. And, it’s a great way to stay in shape…

7. Workout.

Even if you half-ass a YouTube living room workout, you went all-in with getting it done! You’ll win half the battle by just showing up.

And, it’s a great way to stay in shape…

8. Meditate In Silence.

I could write a book on my experience with meditation, so maybe I will… We use a lot of energy through sight, taste, smell, feeling, and a lot more by hearing others’ thoughts—which become ours. This includes music, social media, television, and shit like that… Meditation is a natural way to decipher your own thoughts from others. Make time and relax to watch each thought pass you page-by-page, image-by-image, and allow them to go out into the ether of life.

With time you’ll know which are yours…

And, it’s a grea…no, that’s enough.

9. Don’t Frequent Onto Social Media.

I get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, every couple of days. Sometimes I’ll go a week without checking them. My dreams are clearer and my days are full of me. Simply because no other content is consumed to subconsciously compare with others.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy…”

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt

If you want a good read on comparison as a tool, CLICK HERE!

Enough about me, now you…

Think about how you could mold a few of these habits into your lifestyle. Not all, but take one or two a week and customize it into your own routine.

First realize that if you say you can’t, you likely won’t. Second, give yourself the chance to speak about it into a pursuing action. Third, be flexible and open to change.

I know my lifestyle could change any day and I’m open to it. I hold myself accountable for every breath I take, step I walk, and word I speak. Including my writing, you can look back at my old blog posts from 2014 and see many grammar errors that I’m okay with. I’ve grown by my word and heart without much help.

I must admit, I have a mentor who helped me understand how to meditate, but the decision to discipline myself daily was mine.

I encourage you to challenge your family, friends, or co-workers to join you in taking on a few of these habits. I understand the Lone-Wolf lifestyle is rare, intimidating, and despite one early-on panic attic, it’s allowed me to find two things I cherish. My point here, you don’t have to go at this alone.

But hey, they also say, “no pain, no gain…” Which brings me to why I wrote this.

I’m editing my second book, relearning the saxophone, and watching the extroverts be laughed at while the introverts say, “see, this ain’t so bad…”

Though we’re all either social distancing or preparing to come out of it, by keeping my lone world happy and peaceful, I stay sane by sustaining healthy habits. I love people and anyone who feels alone should understand your strength grows by each day you can find joy within. I try to connect with other people each time I’m at the dog park. Although I have a resting ‘beast face’, when I get the unsure look from others, I smile to ensure them I’m not a socially awkward asshole 🙂

Just a lone writer attempting to connect with others who also hated reading…

It’s who I am, and in me to write stuff like this—to see who cares, who shares, and who’ll dare. I’m a creative writer and love to see things in the new.

In closing, through these nine habits, I found a unique niche, which is my heart. And because I’ve retained you as a reader, my heart has attracted you. For that, I appreciate your maintained attention to my lone creative tribe—proving the benefits of a sustaining lifestyle of rare habits.


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