I Couldn’t Sleep, So I Wrote This…

Thursday, June 25, 2020

And thought what better feature photo to use than a moment taken of me in thought? Thinking what else will life present to me as each moment drops?

From one breath to another, thinking at 3:30 AM to bother; my sleep as words repeat. Silence through the night and a beautiful bliss to seep.

Poetically thinking so I write this with ease. Not to brag but I’ve got a big decision to make, please…

Fortunately I can breathe in peace. Imagining this four years ago I’d add the anxiety.

Maybe it’s the late evening caffeine, but I typically crash after creating.

Writing’s my thing as if it’s a sport. The words my ball and the bliss is my court.

OK, OK, I won’t get random on this tandem. But how I connect a thinking summer night to a day at Brookfield Place? Mind connections and my breathing must be great.

It was March 6th 2019, coming from Brazil after nine hours of flying.

I was recovering from street meat, throwing up in bags at my plane seat, and utilizing each bathroom on repeat.

Then landed at JFK in NYC. Did it again and lost 10 pounds dry heaving.

Maybe afraid it’d come up again as I’m sitting there hoping…

This juice stays down as it’s the only thing I’ll be consuming.

But never would’ve thought I’d use the moment in a night I couldn’t sleep thinking…


3/6/2019 @ Joe And The Juice – Brookfield Place NYC

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