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Sunday, December 29, 2019

First of all they don’t cry. When the tears of joy shed it often confuses those watching. They react in ways as if the weight was their burden — who knows what an average lay man would do alone, cold, and food to eat at low rations.

Meanwhile a temple it would approach, the lone wolf that is. Might it ask what the others were thinking? In some regard, no. For we’ve heard the sayings of sheep, and no wolf will hear. However, the temple here would need to be sacrificed if securities need restored.

This is the story of the untouchable lone wolf — it has no name and doesn’t understand its gender.

A story has no beginning. It has no ending. The interactions between two individual’s stories create the illusion of two stars shining on each other. What exactly do I mean?

A lone wolf only knows its own story. You cross it you’re it, and now its glory is you. Judge a man and you hold a subconscious grudge on that man.

Did he not take the same breath of air you took? In this story I’ll do a much better job at separating the lone wolf and the animal which speak. The human in other words.

What you’ll learn about the lone wolf; what they do alone, how they find their next food source, and proof they don’t cry.

Or, you could learn the process of me learning they do cry. Because I honestly don’t know if they do.

Hell, I just read up on what a lone wolf meant.

Welcome to Budd’s storytelling world. Where I dream of writing movies about a lonely wolf.

More on this later… 🙂


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