Shut Up And You Will Succeed

Photo by Bekir Dönmer (@unsplash)

April 17, 2019

I’m not worried about you, however, the more I pick up my phone to scroll there seems to be more than a few.

Exposing an issue is not solving it. You’re only exposing information and evolving shit. The world was made for you, by those who know how to control it as very few pursue.

If you ever thought to unthink, do you really believe you’d just sit there like a leaf? You’d likely fall as they do, but with memory get up like a fighting fool. Because lying, is our ultimate unspoken rule. Like my grandma Joe told Harold, my dad, “give him the rules of the road, the ‘no no’s…,” and onto California we drove.

That was years ago. What have you done for me lately, grandma? Which one? You’d think in meditation I grew a Batman like glow. When one influencer left to guide me, they asked at church, “well, do you still believe? Say so beside me!”

Like yeah, the story of Jesus is great. I understand it now that as an adult I can better elaborate. I have to be careful of my interpretation. It could be too original like Jesus himself; crucified for the desire to be a walking aspiration.

Like many who’ve descended below the blue, they often keep quiet as their works are divine and true. Showing the people who cannot proceed in thought, needing social media’s daily exploration for further rot.

So, shut up and you will proceed.

Time is the beacon you leave.

Trust me, time is not the proven enemy.

But rather the thing that creates an event we desire to see.

Thoughts of ignorance you should let pass.

Like swords and bullets.

A ninja breathes alas.

Pick a gawd, like the devil they present from a far.

My boys below the equator, I’m writing to thee.

Respect will suck you in when happy, and at par feel free.

The anxiety will build up when you can’t shut up.

Let it pass; a sword of negativity.

The Fuck out my way.

#Amwriting through the emotional past and broken ways.

To inspire the fools falling for groups claimed they are the way.

Am not my way.

Dudes are rude for products we give zero fucks to use.

Your dollar, your God.

Have you met mine?

Oh Buddy, don’t you dare disrespect the hidden thought in mind.

Only speaking when the over-reactors show their true kind.

They can’t shut up.

This whole world is about ‘I’.

Your title, who cares….

I’ll tell you why.

It merits an agreement.

A respect for societies pleasing of shit.

Ensure that title impacts people you tame with grit.

Your subordinates; they’re your tribe.

They too are recording your ego trips.

Ego is life.

Wrestle with the middle.

You lose the benefit to shut up and enjoy the shit.

It’ll speak to you.

Let you know what seeks within you.

The bad feelings along with thought.

Let them pass for a better peace you fought.

They’re toxic.

Like the ignorance that speaks in your thought.

Take action on the good things you caught.

Be cognizant of others…

They’re why you have thoughts.

I’m done.


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