When A Star Reaches The Beach

Praia de Araçaípe, Porto Seguro, Brazil – Photo by TK

March 2, 2019

While approaching the beach at night, each star above will teach our light,

That crushed rocks are where the waters meet,

…rushing ashore as our feet soak then sink.

So I often look up at the sky at night to view the stars. Understanding not much has changed in the millions of years they’ve shined, it amazes me how we see the same stars and constellations that people named thousands of years ago.

Whether it be science or history that explains the stars,

It won’t matter if the most colorful one be Mars.

Some of the lights we see up there died several millenniums ago.

Yet today, it’s a star as bright as a dead generation we oath…

The moment you hit the sand, the taste of vacation is felt by demand. Walking into the ocean, feeling cooler than the moist air in motion, the touch of ocean water is inviting, because the Sun, heat, and sweat is what you could be fighting…

Reaching the beach where the stars teach;

a fire of abundance is what the Sun repeats.

Looking directly at it is painfully unfun.

Like looking directly at a star is boring for those far from one.

As night skies remind us we aren’t the brightest, we’re also made aware that stars don’t shine on each other but unite us. When they do, it’s a glaring space to confide us…

Sunlight at the equator may hit different so be it,

aiding our star of Earth shine better as heat is;

…reflecting light for others viewing from afar,

To think wow, what a beautiful shining hue of a star.

A fool doesn’t look at the Sun for fun. A fool will likely compare himself to it and try explaining the fire it shuns…

Stars don’t shine on each other in view,

And as nighttime beaches are their humbling stages for you,

Each often has no clue.

Altogether, however, how clever…

That each shines just like you.



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