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When A Star Reaches The Beach

…but at night when you reach the beach, the stars above will teach.

Past times in it’s making, and the people who previously named each.

I often look up at the sky at night to see the stars, understanding not much has changed in millions of years. So, it amazes me how we see the same stars and constellations that people named over a couple thousand years ago.

Once you reach the beach, the crushed rock is where the water meets.

Rushing ashore it seeks new land and feet to wet then sink.

The moment you hit the sand, the taste of vacation is felt on your feet. Walking into the ocean, feeling cooler than the hot Sun and moist air. The first touch of cold ocean water is inviting. Because the Sun, heat, and sweat is what you could be fighting.

Whether it be science or history that explains the stars; it won’t matter if the most colorful one be Mars.

Whether it be science or history that explains Mars; it won’t matter if they all still shine from this star.

We will always be able to see a star’s light, however, the night skies is a reminder we aren’t the brightest, but rather we are aware of others. Most stars don’t shine on each other. When they do, it’s a glaring space we can’t see nor look at.

Daylight might seek a different view above; Dekum’s blue is the hue canvasing the harmless Dove. Nevertheless, the Sun so hot stinging Earth as Bee’s buzz.

The Sunlight at the equator hits differently in February. But it helps our star, Earth, shine better in blue. Imagine if there were others viewing from a far – thinking wow, what a beautiful shining hue of a star.

It’s crazy to think this world operates as one; and there are people who think life’s not fun. Why only I who thinks the stars are fun? They’ve been here longer than anyone of us will ever have done.

I respect the stars in a way of art. At the beach amongst the darkest skies I feel an aura. No wonder people started naming them. If you’re crazy enough the stars will speak to you. But you must name them, so people won’t think you’re writing about a floating rock.

Eventually we seek a reason for life out there. As if they are not looking at Dekum’s blue with the Sun’s shinning yellow hue, thinking why shine there too?

Nighttime humbles a part of our light so that other stars can view what other stars the Sun powers. Proving stars don’t shine on each other.

Respect is in the eyes – looking up to the greatest you’ll find it difficult to shine like your eyes.

There is a catch 22 to letting the light shine for you. A star’s light is nothing to view. Like breathing, it’s the life of view.

Want to see the glare? Go ahead if you dare. Proving you are the impostor. Respect is not commanded up there – only shined from there.

Trying to be a star amongst the others proves the slug layer of your core. It proves no identity, but rather a reflection of your surroundings.

Reaching the beach where the stars teach; a fire of abundance is what the Sun seeks. Looking directly at the Sun, painfully not fun. Looking directly at a star, boring for those far from one.

A fool doesn’t look at the Sun for fun. Because a fool will likely compare himself and try to explain the fire behind the Sun.

Stars do not shine on each other in view, for the night beaches are the humbling stage for you.

Stars do not shine on each other in view, the proof’s in the Sun’s burning eye view.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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