My Buddy Doll (c) Hasbro

April 13, 2019

Written in Memory of my Aunt Emma’

This is Budd’s appreciation to his new followers.

My latest and greatest inspirations;

Ascending to the watcher’s towers.

This ain’t start in the ghetto.

But I started well below zero.

A negro ruling from the free flow.

Wordplay weirdos, assume that you know.

Ignorant scrolling fools like me don’t grow.

Framing the auto-correct for the written flow.

They came and gone though;

through reading now again you know.

Childlike glow.

Thanks aunty Emma, this little nigga now gloats.

You are heavens new angel.

Like you, Buddy’s eyes still glow.

People afraid like the King’s post.

Thus they bow, for the king’s in their know.

They still feast for the fallin’ stranger.

And victimize to unfollow for anger.

Thinking ugly is their fellow.

But ain’t no Budd in my why.

Don’t ever Buddy me and I’ll tell you why.

My down syndrome best Budd.

Barber at four leaving no hair for my black Budd.

I never asked him why.

But you read the why in my love.

Might’ve assumed, in a letter it lies..

7,000 words of poetic love, written live.

He cut out the why in my toy I loved.

Destruction of possession

An oblivious childhood lesson.

Negro doll curly like my best friends.

Hate wasn’t taught.

But a fresh 90s haircut is what My Buddy got.

Now running a lot.

Being still for the anxiety to stop.

Used to write about my suicide but the anxiety attacks pop.

Panic attacks and what not.

Nothing to do with mental health.

Oh wait, I’m referring to preventative health.

Listen to your doctor.

You can end up like batman with a powerful belt.

One that defeats wealth.

No not God.

Or any religions we believe we felt.

But, you.

Readers be like.

Never read about Budd despite.

Writing his fears and walking into them day and night.

‘B’ is for beast.

‘U’ is for you understanding the need to get the fuck out my way.

The rest is wordplay.

But know the kids are the only group safe.

The why ain’t a cry.

The why is why the eye’s will never lie.

The deep soul it takes to carry the eye into your bliss.

Most match the intense.

But cannot hold the beast’s cry.

So they look away in response.

The gift was his site.

A gift we see all night.

The stars, the waters.

It’s the gift of life.

Can thee gift it right?

Thou received it.

A gift you can trust.

Not one you’ll put up to dust.

Emma dealt the gift she felt.

A little black boy.

With eye’s as big as her little nephew.

What a toy.

My Buddy and me.

Right for the running beast under thee.

Thus a gift that keeps giving.

Where the land is life.

We live to keep breathing.

That is it.

Some write to keep inspiring.

Another why for Budd’s crying.

But don’t pander at Budd’s eye.

This is his journey of tries.

Like in the wyld I started by being there.

Like the leaves I fell.

Then like the dirt I lied.

So as the trees over time, I also grew.

Reptilian brain it also grew insane.

I gathered food I felt I knew.

With the water, I washed with the others who walked how I knew.

And out of no where, I shined like the sky I often looked up to.

Slept for rest, because that’s what people do.

Gifted ways to be happy.

Thus I share with you.

An experiment you fool.

Is how Buddy grew.

An extended gift to you.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the day.

And buy my book come May.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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