#AMWriting: And She’s Still A Good Girl

March 21, 2019

Here’s Kali, my seven-week old puppy, adopted from the Oregon Humane Society back in November.

Also known as, Baby Boopers, Baby Troopers, My favorite Boopers, Shady Boopers, Baby Poopers, Shady Poopers, and many more…So you get the idea. She has many names because of her initial shady and poopy attitudes toward me. As the late nights of cleaning up her crate and accidents at 2AM are long over, we hang out like best buds. Which all came with time, patience, and understanding dogs don’t create stories in their head like us humans do.

In context, I adopted a stray puppy at a very critical time in my life. I had recently left my previous role in aviation to pursue writing full-time, and with that came a mountain of challenges in itself.

Much respect to the self-employed!

It was stressful trying to get all my ducks in a row with taxes, email organization, scheduling my weeks, etc…. And to add a puppy…

I got through it, and seeing why I put my self through that, I guess at the time I felt Kali needed a home. Later, however, I learned that puppies don’t often miss their owners or home when they’re away. It’s only when and if the puppy suffers from anxiety that it might cry when its owner walks away. Although they can dream it, a happy puppy will never know you left. They understand a good home, and of course that comes with them trusting you, and your home.

Kali was well occupied by many friends at The Balanced Dog while I was away. I flew below the equator only to see that Kali’s energy is just as high without me. I never had doubts or concerns, but considering we spend every day together, this was my first time away from her for more than a day. She was good, and so was I.

Kali’s name has a deeper meaning, deeper than most people may give their pet. I had to add this kind of meaning for the emotional rollercoaster I projected she’d put me through, and responsibility I’d have to practice daily. Working from home only made it convenient, not easy. Her name comes from all the dark places a cute face can take you; from mad, excited, loving, caring, I wanna strangle you, and more, the reactions are up to you[me].

Because all they know is wuv…


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