37 Puppy Sins

November 8, 2018, I adopted a 7-week-old puppy from the Oregon Humane Society. You can start reading about Kali here. From the dumpsters of Anderson, California, foster families, and up to #PDX for adoption, she lands in my hands! Too many pictures is what I can’t stand, like a sin we can’t overstand. So here’s 37 of them.

January 10, 2019

Knowing the challenges with adopting a puppy so young would be the frequent trips outside throughout the night so she can pee, sacrificing sleep, and putting her first in my days before running errands, I got her.

Remembering that puppy’s feed off energy and actions, picture taking to them, “WTF is this happening?”

Don’t speak words to an animal, because they’re less programmed for thought, they’re simplified mammals.

Kali knows when I’m trying to be productive. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, puppy’s can be great office dogs under unique circumstances.

Just take her out first, make her smile. This will make your day easier, and your time will be worthwhile.

Because once you get their winter smile, a puppy’s day has been met.

Two smiles including my pet. For the days I work, no moments to regret.

Here’s two cousins Kali met.

Bugging them like, “who’s this brindle pet?”

But like most cousins, they were over it. And up to higher places where no pup’ could bother their bliss…


Below is a puppy not in her appropriate place, but I’m just as guilty snapping a photo glorifying her puppy face.

“Out of the Kitchen…,” meanwhile, I ignore her facial bitchin’.

img_1502 (2)

Then to her favorite wall to face, what a random place…

Maybe because her food bowl’s close? But whatever, Kali’s a good girl who deserves the most.

Like a pretty coat for our Holiday gloat…

But that’s all I have today, it’s all I have to say.


The one with companion, Budd

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