I wanted to explore the idea of avoiding the temptation of capturing an image in the moment, especially with a cell phone camera, and rather embracing what image that moment brings to you with every GOD given sensory we can use. This was published months after I purchased my first BMW. And I was infatuated. But then, my taste and desire evolved so I became more attracted to the higher end models. For every M4, M6, & M-Car in my sight was a moment that I simply embraced as if it was a moment a camera couldn’t possibly capture. A camera takes time and attention away from the moment at hand, and it could jeopardize missing a joyous moment in time to remember. The capturing of a photo allows for many perspectives of a story to be shared and manifested later. Thanks for reading!
April 26, 2015
…4 weeks after I published this, I booked a round-trip ticket to Reykjavik, Iceland. And more cities around Europe to follow. I’m opening up to a digesting zen’ moment in this piece!

Forever In a Werke

BMW E39 M5BMW’s E39 chassis supports many drive features like any modern performance vehicle in the market today. On any given turn signal they are married to a curb; hugging the street corners and city drains is what makes this inundated driving experience allow someone to forget they are wheeling a model two generations elder. For the E39 M5, and E39 540i MSport package edition, both BMW models are still up to par in performance car ratings today. In terms of the body style, interior build and mechanics overall, I personally would choose these models over many of the latest BMW models today. I’m forever in a Werke. Visualizing and planting old vehicle seeds.
If people kept up their  E39 BMWs then many cars would not stand a chance in an overall rating of vehicle performance, e.g., Dodge Charger, Camaro, or Ford Mustang. The E60 M5 is all but an upgrade in performance technologies to its predecessor E39, in terms of the horsepower, torque, and the ‘M’ dynamic mode option.

Another way to boost driving pleasure, is the M Dynamic Mode (MDM) option. This gives the vehicle higher lateral dynamics and lateral acceleration for controlled drifting. However, if the car begins to turn too far, the DSC will switch back on, power to the engine is reduced and braking pulses are activated via the vehicles sensors.

There are plenty of vehicles that catch my vulnerable eye, and like many millennials I’m tempted to capture a photo of those ‘eyegasming’ moments.

There have been many moments when I’ve perused through my iPhone’s photo album to recapture a moment and regardless of the photo quality I can only reminisce in my head what was occurring while the photo was being taken.

I discovered that a photo is the reminder of that moment and the reminiscing is what matters most to people. Most times those moments are compromised by the time we take trying to get a good flick or video.

But it’s all in the head.

Summer 2014, when I was on my way home from Jonesboro, Louisiana, I had to layover in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport.  During our initial descent I had awaken from a nap on the plane to the most alluring view of the stars over Arizona’s darkest desert. Meanwhile, I had Carlos Santana and Michelle Branch playing, Game of Love.

I could not help but to only endure the moment. I knew this breath-taking view and stargazing moment was going to be brief as we were getting closer into the light diluted skies over the city of Phoenix. Any distractions would have hindered the time I had in this moment. It was great seeing the constellations, every star’s light contrast, the bluish and purple star ribbons as they shine out of the dark canvasing desert skies.

I could not allow myself to have this moment embraced any other way than how I was viewing it at the moment with my naked eye. My iPhone remained in my lap, as my forehead was glued to the carbon fiber windows of the US Airways aircraft.

“Beautiful things don’t call attention to themselves” says the Sean Penn character, Sean O’Connell in the movie Walter Mitty just as he is about to film an elusive snow leopard. Photo (c) Walter Mitty 2013. “Beautiful things don’t call attention to themselves” says Sean Penn’s character, Sean O’Connell in the movie The Secret World of Walter Mitty just as he is about to film an elusive snow leopard. Photo (c) Walter Mitty 2013.

I recalled that moment on the plane when I was watching The Secret World of Walter Mitty. In the scene where Walter, Ben Stiller, finds Sean Penn in the Himalayas and they immediately spot a Snow Leopard. What he calls the, “Ghost Cat”.

He re-frames from taking the photo with his Nikon F3/T camera because he did not want to ruin the rare moment. It’s definitely a lot easier to avoid the frustration of getting the perfect focus on the object right away, and by the time you have it, the moment could have passed.

And in many cases with an iPhone, not only would you have to get the camera into focus, but prior to that you would also have to get the phone out from wherever it is, unlock it, and then get into the camera app.

Although some of us have the luxury of being able to access the camera from the lock screen (thanks Apple), I cannot say how distracting and frustrating it can be when you’re finally in the camera and you find yourself tapping the screen several times for focus points. And flash configuration, HDR settings and selfie mode.

Me being petty, forever in a Werke.

540i Back Seat w/ Aftermarket BMW Headrest DecalsWith the many angles of my E39 540i, it gives me a perspective I can appreciate. The tempting act to capture that angle is often avoided because many camera lenses don’t capture what my naked eye sees momentarily. However, I am fortunate that the car is mines so I don’t have to be tempted as much to snap a photo of it every time I sole,b,bpark it and walk away.
The BMW aftermarket headrest decals compliments a luxurious ride. This interior view is quite the aggressive look when all 4 windows are 3/4 rolled down, or up depending on your outlook on life.
I like to keep my curtains up at full mast, to distort the view of the front of my vehicle from drivers behind me.
It gives the interior a dark and subtle luxury feel. Many people appreciate it as if I’m their chauffeur. I’m sure BMW did not intend to have that option as its sole purpose but more as a function.

BMW E39 540i

I’ll likely upgrade to either the E60 550i or E70 X5, depending on price and present options. It’s something about the Michelin tires that spread inches to within the edge of wheel wells. Flush. A girl once told me, “at least you aren’t breaking your neck for other woman around me...”. I was happy to hear how she appreciated my infatuations, and attentiveness to her until an ‘M‘ car roared by.

I even catch myself gazing at airplanes descending into PDX every time I’m in the area, because vehicles are my infatuation so it’s expected.

With all the Instagram posts that capture moments right on point, and I recently realized a good camera is what I’m missing. I’m constantly double taping posts on every account I’m following on @VehicleDigest.

Taking photos is how we know time is passing. And if you want to recall a moment then a photo would be helpful. But what about the emotion? That will tell the story better for a BMW enthusiasts like me; forever Werking in motion.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I began publishing content on VehicleDigest the Instagram account, now BuddWrites, to inspire my creative mind. Today, VehicleDigest.net is the publishing platform for content related to Budd's books, speaking endeavors, and art. “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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