It Was Amazing!

Feature photo taken at JFK Airport

Monday, July 19, 2022

In the latest BuddTalk’s Podcast episodes, I’ve reflected on my recent travels from one country to the next. I’m still unpacking the amazing jump, which began as a vision back in 2020.

Lately, I’ve responded to the, “how was your trip,” question with one word, and then I feel the need to say more, but my brain starts jumping all around the globe. So, I let it go before getting the, “tell me your favorite place,” question.

Although I did tourist things while in these countries, my main goal was to write, run, and explore what felt good that morning. Observing cultures, people, and cities was a byproduct of my selfish travel bug. And to be frank, even though my name’s Budd, most people would have difficulty understanding my experience.

To read the writings inspired by my travels from Puerto Rico, Egypt, Santorini, Turkey, India, and Thailand, follow the monthly archives of VehicleDigest.

I’ll conclude the reflection of TravelBudd over the next few episodes and then return to the creative speaking recordings of BuddTalk’s Podcast.

Thanks for listening, reading, and being YOU!