What The Lonely Did For Christmas

Lonely nights will seem bliss in the days of joy up Yonder; silence in the nights as it speaks and side thoughts ponder. Absence of actions may please you as much as actions of past self-satisfactions ease you; but listen again and you may soon act on the first thought that once passed you. (Feature Photo by Alex Polli)

December 18, 2018

What the lonely actually did for Christmas, they ignored it to inspire you.

When the Dream is told, in reality it’s old.

Putting hope into the future is worth everything, along with your gut feelings tight and bold.

Today, 32, and still sippin on that 1792.

The one digested and admitted several stories to, read and understood by a few.

But Holiday seasons are magical, at the same time once tragical.

And for the ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, well, let’s just get drunk and find the mistletoe.

Maybe they’re lonely too, but the alcohol will once again fool you.

Chrima’ for the pagans, or an excuse to wear hideous Holiday leggings.

Cherish this one time of year, when people don’t carry their people fear.

Subconsciously you reflect, asking self was it really you this past year?

Because time is up to you, less inspired by folks who figured it out without you.

As lonely as you, the people still move you.

The idea of this Holiday is you, inspired by you and only you.

For the lonely few, make sure it’s worth it to you.

They wrote for years in the dark for their words to get to you.

Hoping to inspire you.

That’s for the Holiday lonely few.

Happy Birthday to mention a few, the story was written before time.

You watch it play out, inspired by a past Holiday cry.

What the lonely few also did, write to inspire you.

So before they go for now, make that ugly sweater worth it.

Years later frame it, as a once lonely pathetic token.

Let it go if it’s associated to any Holiday heart broken, because this one’s up to you if it’s worth it.

It’s actually we, and this stupid wordplay perfected.

Happy Holidays,

From the lone’ yet encouraged.


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