Mass Of Christ

Art by: Jared

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Jesus wasn’t black, nor was the man white.

To some he was you, or I,

The Christ in us who thrives.

Then dies…

To forever then rise.

That’s right,

It’s wordplay,



…ain’t done yet.

Had to switch it up.

Vibe check?

Naw, rhyme check.

Despite some…


So wake up.

Issa Christmas.

Spoil the gifted.

Make richer the richest.

And because of the egalitarian hero,

Spirits get lifted.

Fat Santa, Go DieIt.

Then Happy New Year,

Now LiveIt.

Like Jesus, or Joshua,

Life’s tree,

Branching deserts to free,

Leaves, air, and influencers who stare.

They do things out there.

Dumb it down then share.

To be fair,

Not sure how I wrote here,

But happy holidays from a negro,

Loving his wool hair.


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