DigestReport VOL. I: Yes You, Portland!

Image by Flickr user drburtoni via Creative Commons

Sunday, June 6, 2021

The heat doesn’t really bother me. I mean, I was born in the heat, and under this hot ass sun. It was a December night here in Portland. The moon was damn near full. I was due Christmas Day. But nope, a week early I came into this world. A day later my mom wrote about me—her newborn baby boy—who smiled as bright as god showed me to.

Six years later, I started creating stuff, like stories and pictures. With my toys I’d replay Gumby, Rugrats, Flipper, and all the Nickelodeon shows. Remember Doug Funnie? He inspired me to write about the kids at school who I both hated and loved.

Ten years later, my dear journal wasn’t so dearest, because I had homework—dammit. And my mind just wanted to play. I also wanted to be all that and a bag of your favorite potato chips. But nope. I had homework.

I’m talking about college. I took on the assumed pressures of being all that and a bag of the world’s favorite potato chips. But hey, as long as you’re not reaching for stale chips, you’re good.

Anyways, you’re digesting the latest update from a writer you’ll want to follow. This is TheDigestReport, written in my writer’s nest—by me, Budd. If you know me by other names, call me how you know me. Just don’t call me this week.

I’m busy.

I’ll be in my studio recording my upcoming self-published book. More on that project in July’s 2nd edition DigestReport. I’m excited, and overly underwhelmed. I often ask myself was the journey worth it. Losing time spent with family and friends. Or all the money I invested, saved, and spent to get the book where it’s about to be. Ruminating on the past, however, is dangerous. I need that brain energy to speak the audiobook, and pray no more hurdles hold me up.

In closing, I want to thank you. If you’ve read my blog posts before, or followed me two years ago when I muffed a book release, you likely understand that I no longer care. I’m from Portland, remember? And apparently we keep shit weird—like the first book I self-published.

Read about it here.

Or listen to BuddTalk’s Podcast. Hell, I even dare you to click on a picture from this site’s homepage—and read where a dummy once took me.

But seriously, that’s all I have to say, it’s all I have today…


Ps, stop protesting and shit!

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