Watching The Dearest Of Journals From A To Z

Photo cred: The Internet

Wednesday, May 13, 2020*

Aspiring Nickelodeon kid who still writes his days at will.

Bewildering a journey and trust is all it took.

Cyborgs of this WiFi era—we all look down shook.

Destiny’s the best of free, and fear is loathing our faith to be.

Everlasting an era of creating, words elating, and verbs to tame me.

Forget your past because that’s fear procreating.

Greater goods lie ahead, but tell the truth unless it’s your head.

Honesty, however, an expensive gift.

Ignorance is the cheapest so it often persists.

Justice not so accepting amongst the rich.

Karma be your breath and what follows, who cares…

L’s (loses) we’ve taken, got-damn so many to share.

Man I hope to turn them into millions, and I do dare.

Nickelodeon started this by dreaming the bliss.

Over time I practiced that shit.

Perfect practice makes perfect. (V. Lakhiani)

Qualman’s practice makes perfect is a myth.

Reality is the past.

Start now for a future to outlast.

Terminate patterns not serving your ask.

Utilize each vision and allow the good ones to unmask.

Virtually commute, fly like these feathers.

Woo-way words out of letters.

X-rays to see through you all better.

You journal your story from treasure.

Zenith is how I watched Doug, #NowWatching Budd’s life with pleasure.



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