Together We'll Hum & Flock Like Birds As One

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

Sunday, March 22, 2020

So, the hummingbirds have returned. And for a couple of weeks now the sun’s hung out longer. People are hoarding toilet paper. There’s a virus we can’t see keeping folks from seeing work, school, public places, and smiles into the future.

I heard a few house parties last night. So much for social distancing. As humans we hum—stay quiet in a much quieter setting you’ll hear your body’s inner hum. We often miss it because we do so much humming together.

In silence, it’s like turning up the white-noise amplifier. Or flying into space because out there sound doesn’t exist. Just a human’s humful bliss.

It’s the third spring in my home, and around this time hummingbirds begin flying into my window at the crack of dawn. Beak first and repeatedly poking at my windows, I’d assume they think space beyond the glass exist. It does, however, they aren’t apart of my humming tribe’s bliss.

At 6:30 AM, the birds are flying, fewer cars now driving, the sun’s up shining, and everyone’s awake humming together. Breathing in hopes we won’t do this forever. But together through this viral storm we will prosper.

In our place and out buzzing in flight are hummingbirds in flock. Because of an agent we can’t see, keeping us from being our one and together beings, each hummingbird soars in place of our free peace.

So, a pandemic has returned. These small birds have also. For the solace your body yearns, seek the humming space within. Remind your tribe we’ll hum apart then win together for and with them.

Each soul to hum reminding us nature is fun. What returns is a seasonal glow for inviting a new future. Keep poking humming souls. Keep hoping for a new day to grow.

And smile—for that too goes viral 🙂


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