Words Of Light To A Distant Passing Star

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I often want to float forever up with you.

But since you left I found peace beneath this blue.

The hue you forever float through.

Where our times together fly mute.

With you now a distant star watching me.

Your ‘MainMan’ making you proud—I miss you.

What an awkward relationship we had—now respect is due.

This is where my journey takes you.

From the rivers you showed me.

I rowed them until finding my peace.

Whether it be a sea of struggle.

A path still muddled.

I seek to proceed.

To show the inner me, of you, faith’s deed.

A father to son creed.

Not precisely religious teachings…

But the public’s reading.

Your world renowned through seeding.

Follow me, dad, I promise to impress my sisters.

Pay back and bless my mother.

Care for my brothers.

With nieces and nephews, I’m now their distant watcher.

It’s you returning despite leaving 2016 bothered.

Sick of that waiting room?

Many are sick today, scared of what that virus will do.

Like you’d say in church, “and in closing…”

I’m just getting started.

Watch me create and write a world so startled.

—Love, your ‘MainMan’ Budd

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