The Universe Is Growing In Her Eyes

Sunday, November 17, 2019

November 6, 2018, I show up to the Oregon Humane Society to adopt a puppy. I get to the lobby and there’s a couple caressing the puppy I’m there to adopt. While indecisive, the staff inform them a gentlemen [me] has shown up to view the puppy. They end up adopting her, and home I go with no puppy to surprise the (ex)girlfriend with after work.

November 8, 2018, I again show up to the Oregon Humane Society to get a puppy, and Paige is available to view.

Entering the room, her ears flop to the ground, her nose sniffs every pocket of air, and then she pees.

At six-weeks old, and without hesitation, I knew I’d be taking her home. Here’s how she spends the days and nights for the following weeks.

Keeping me from sleep.

Sitting against walls awkwardly.

With her back to me, maybe waiting patiently.

Lunging and jumping at me.

Making me feel as if she turned her back against me.

Growing into a beast from a puppy…




I got her two weeks into this journey of writing full-time and rebuilding my career from ground zero. She’s seen me cry, try, and write those stupid love lies…

And no, she never turned her back on me, maliciously lunged at me, but she grew with me unexpectedly. Because I thought ‘you know who‘ would always be there to help protect her with me.

Every day I learn she’s still growing with me. She’s no thinker like me, but smarter than I can imagine her to be. And after one year, she’s still a good girl.

Her universe is my world—growing every morning when I see my Kali girl. From the year our pages have turned, here’s to another year for her and I to age and learn.


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