How Far Do They Fly After Quitting?

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yesterday was one of those, “I wanna quit days.”

Below is an excerpt from a book I wrote and self-published late summer 2019. It’s book one of a creative journaling series. It reads as meditative thought around visual sensory.

I began writing the book after failing to publish BOOJ-WAH-ZEE. And just so my readers know, I’m not writing for a bestseller, but rather a world propeller.

And to inform you all it’s what I do after feeling like quitting…


What is it now you’re aware of? Did your echo chambers stir you? Are means below comfort that your regular way of breathing is altered? You will succeed in what you see. Better it be a belief—one that you can choose. For the eyes retract what feels good. Do not forget about your vessel.

The vehicle holding one million and one processes no man can see. Blessed be an X-ray tech; still a tool for the eye to retrieve an evolving process. Words drowning in boredom but ignored as it is complex. You accept the role of the taken; a scientist to research, a doctor to procedure, a nurse to aid, we typically see the admins who organize, and us who are the people for proof of concept.

Many vehicles are holding the mileage of a world built for us, by us, to feel ever so against us.

When internal processes are exposed, some gander and move on. Others become amazed; tongue tied looking up to those who will question it. Has it always been seen this way? The answer is yes—your realization is the transcendence of stuff. You cannot prove what you once never knew. You do not ungrow, in most cases, however, you reflect.

Connect the then to now. Creating a story which is termed a lesson. Hold it high enough until exhaustion, then rest. At the point of awakening you have a new rule to see. Clearer vision along with the story. So be it sleep was like the death, you’ve now awoken to a new you. Leave the old memories to burn, and only utilize them when time is here to deal. Time as it is so precious, the lesson is in the respect for it.

Respect lies in the eye. Can you see respect? It could start with any individual. Today, it starts with you. You can be time. Visualize yourself moving the vehicle into a path they warn us not to. Lead by the forbidden original thought growing inside you. What’s desired will come into view. The questions will be asked, and there the challenge to unthink until your answer. Just speak into candor—there it is, a bright-eyed answer.

You must write the new.

Water drips to confide rules.

Free is the bird’s view.

Water drinks the cup.

Nose up, eyes see, where to go?

Spread the delayed sea.

Pick up time near come.

Vision wood grow—free are birds.

Darts above they throw.

Space unto the next.

Thus, partial ways, redeem sex.

How else we succeed?

You see the count free?

Don’t think, recall speech, then teach.

We were in too deep.

Happy of the choice.

Breaths to long and rejoice you.

Future be mines; live.

Care for the mammal.

Train for outer scopes, embrace.

You reap what you sow.



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