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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I’m writing to the moment I board my next flight.

Have you ever had forever to go at something? It’s tough to get going when tired. Do not feel tired.


Is there a moment we all look for? It’s the reminder of the movie you star in. Not many will see it, but what matters is that it’s you who’s rolling the film. The people will catch on, because all the joy and love you need is right beneath your nose.

The pinnacle is realizing every moment is the opportunity. The lever is there between your eyes, pull it but be prepared to take over. The voices of choice will arise, ‘go this way’, ‘run that way’, ‘pull the lever and you’re toast,’ and to bring the bravery is letting go.

Creativity begins with the incentive to orchestrate chaos. With hands what do you create? We forget how important smell is, it seems to act as a hazard detector. Because our ears can only hear so much. We taste for the allowance of good nutrients to fuel our walk.

The body processes and soon we feel tired. If the greatest moment in the word was now, what would you be doing?


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