(Photo: Tumblr airviation)

September 15, 2019

If you show me an airplane, I turn into a little boy pointing at fame.

The desire to fly I won’t explain.

But a niche for travel — amwriting insane.

To everyone who’ll assist me into a plane.

From a gate at PDX, but I must write to relieve stress.

I thought I was the best.

Then life sent me a reality check.

One I’d cash in on a Sunday.

Dance for 28L and dream off that runway.

Soon an evening to turn into my first funday.

Writing sucks but I wish people well onto their Mondays.

Maybe a mood, meeting, but work to be done after the weekend groove.

Who last inspired you?

For me an airplane I trust flew.

Falling into flight — don’t trip Budd, things will be alright…

The key during connections is patience.

Layovers between my writings are the best trips.

You’re bold to self-publish it.

But humble to still dream in coach where we sit.

Soon we’ll take off again.

Treat the writing as we sat middle seat with it.

Wheels downs — we’ll promote in between and cry over it.

Have a great week, readers, this was my airplane visual ‘trip’.


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