For A Lonelier Fall, Autumn’s To Rise

Photo by adrian on Unsplash – Portland, Oregon’s Pittock Mansion

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

(These poems once existed in the archives of this site)

November 22, 2018

As light shines on dust particles in sight, fog settles into the city like cotton overnight.

For the sun shining so ever bright, the hilltops of glory stood pretty from above in people’s sight.

As sight will see for the sun to shine, dust particles rise; the sun’s its inspiring joy and pride.

Though dust particles fall, autumn will call.

And with gratitude for the sun’s shine, we await the final leaves’ fall.

November 19, 2018

Onward rejoicing I tread life’s way,

For the Hilltop run down the street; easy, just dream and run upway.

Higher I’m climbing each passing day,

I once ran nine miles without a training day.

Hilltops of glory now rise in view,

I run so hard until the top, I forget it was you.

Dates Unknown

As birth gives new life,

Morning gives new day.

Writing be the only way,

I give my life meaningful days.

What you see, untouchable like an Animal who speaks.

What you see, eyes untouchable; it’s the lion in him which speak.

What you see, a voice to keep running to mountain top peaks.


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