Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Sunday, November 10, 2019

There’s a million bones which spell, I miss you.

Could I buy a bone to say, “I miss bae…”

I can’t say much for the other days.

But I bought a thought because I miss you today.

Should I repeat myself? The boy misses you, okay…?

I return your glance at peace.

Why today your face I think?

Should you be here?

I lost hope, so now in need of relief.

What do the lonely do—for the holidays are near?

Reminisce on how I need your nightly spooning ways?

The emotion of you is strong today.

I’d love you to kiss.

Dream on of Santorini’s bliss.

Cry for nights we drank—twas’ lit.

Hide the tears we’d be departing—soon it is.

#Amwriting back to you in wishes.

It’s your beautiful brown eyes and you I misses.

Who touched your soul today?

The one in a million bone which writes to say.

On this Sunday, I miss you most,

But only today.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes because no one can 'read' him. And it's a great way to hide public thoughts...

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