Spell Out Your Infatuation

Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash

October 31, 2019

Aspiring me to dare into night skies, I awaken on new land for more shit to write.

Inspiring Red-eye flights transcend what once took days and weeks,

Readers like yourself now dare for places out of reach.

Perspective’s a must if you dream amuck—run crazy, see bravely, and fly away with ducks.

Leisurely flown for the business you make it, pleasure per usual, first-class or coach it…?

Adjusted seats beats the back pain on repeat; fly private, sleep well, and that you’ll never beat.

Nose to the window of my gate, Fuck if it’s late, as long as we fly out this day.

Each lift off’s a made-man rising, wheels-up gliding, and a poetic negro writing…

See, I never know where I’m going, infatuatedly typing.


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