After The Red-Eye Write

July 28, 2019**

For an aviator the naps are nice.

For passengers, they wake up and time ain’t right.

Stuck in the time-zone before—landing feels a quarter past four.

First captains who cannot sleep; night after night they fly and repeat.

Manning big airplanes as attention’s en-route.

Flying into the blue; it’s our interpretation of the above hue.

For pilots, it’s all they fly through.

No drug for the flying eyes lit.

When looking up to lights soaring beneath stars, always thank the pilots.

No love, no sleep; as tonight they’ll repeat.

I too wrote through the night to finish an eight month flight.

Now with beta readers who’ll say if book one reads alright.

Proof’s in the mail as I type.

So as aviators rests, they later man the metal through night.

A journey of untold stories where I wanted to give up—addicted to hype.

Writing’s my destined worry.

Turned a worrier into a warrior.

Like booking a flight under broken wings…

Low ratings, but prices are great as seen.

Here’s to manning the mental you’ll soon read.

A flying warrior who looks to ThePeople for the unseen.


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