Take It and Let Go In Faith

Photo by Dil on Unsplash

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Waking up without it, it bleeds away overnight. It’s there before sleep arrives, but carries no trust to stay. In the morning I must chant for it, call out the names, and remind all watchers of their purpose. They too sleep—in the cold airs of the dark as if the matter lay their bed.

It arrives at some point stronger than ever. With a breath comes the gut punch, and a good feeling to watch for. Your response is never important, just do what breaths do, and let go. It’ll make its exit soon, so take it with gratitude. And again, let go.

It’ll keep happiness in a high place, but do not identify with it. For you have it, therefore awareness is all which is required. It completes the now, confirms the afore, and says the future is just one step ahead.

Just take it, and let go.


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