Who Are You When Breathing Hurts?

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

September 11, 2019

The mind will venture further than your body’s place of comfort. In reality, you’re often putting yourself in a place of unreal events. You must be aware when this happens. You can exhaust the one part entity—it’s the vessel most people begin self-destructing at a young age.

Think about this:

We all took that last breath, right?

Or did you forget?

Take it now…..

Who are you thanking for it?

Don’t thank me, I took it too.

And another to inspire the next.

It’s all we got.

It’s all I’ve had.

And people in between showing me their gratitude.

With passive attitudes, beggars outside exposing an ass who’s rude.

Running to a dream, I’ve become the virtual ‘asker’ to you.

Even though my heart broke.

Through a long summer I wrote.

My body misses you.

But self knows we must move on.

Fully aware reality’s catching up in a few.

Don’t look back, we’ve got books to move.

C’mon body, the mind is ahead in view.

Come together for peace is written renewed.

We’ve rested enough, now I breathe to unhurt for you.


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