New Year, New Fear

December 24, 2018

Next year I’ll speak a new fear.

Heights in 2018 while parasailing off Waikiki, hanging and harnessed in gear.

Climbing up Mt. Zion with gut-wrenching aches, praying no migraine hedaches.

Climbing, thinking why was I scared all these past years whining?

2019 brings its new fear, don’t worry, I’ll share that through your speakers all year.

Heard through your headphones by each ear.

You’ve read about my past worries in tears.

They can be overwhelming like the holidays, broke, and lonely so you fall away jeered.


Hanging over seas viewing an island I’ve twice seen.

Looking over at beaches I once partied at in between, and got hungover off cheap Bacardi and sweat tea.

As a New Year assumes a new day, it doesn’t change my plans except one fear won’t stay.

Looking over islands in the midst of fear, I climbed three of my Mt. Zions all in one year.

Thanking the people for not misunderstanding my eternal cheer.



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