The Rock Of Glory

When our Full Cold Moon spoke, my watcher continued this story from the World Ambassador’s Oathabout our trusted intergalactic travelers of modern society. Read as they risk their lives in time to better people on earth. You can begin with story one, ‘Where Time Oughta Be‘…. (Feature photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

December 22, 2018

When it really mattered to the people, they paid attention to their stories. The others out there would often mention to our traveling World Ambassadors during each their stays, that our rock shines a restless vibration every 13 round abouts our Rock of Glory.

As our Rock of Glory rotated around us, they noticed we emitted higher frequencies of colors off earth. The Rock of Glory is earth’s Moon, and this is the best we can explain the higher vibrations on earth to the others out there. Because all they see are rocks in a vast dark space, with one that periodically lights up in different ways once a year.

The Rock of Glory as they coined it, according to one intergalactic traveler’s translation, is understood in part to have an alternate twinkle, or reflecting pattern throughout one of its brightest churns. Meaning, the different vibrations of light across earth is being broadcasted by a satellite type rock.

We attempted to explain to them this was our holiday season, where every December some places, or spots on this rock either celebrate a holiday called Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and some don’t celebrate shit. Most however, find a way to just say happy holiday’s and keep life pushing.


They responded as we understood them within our intelligence.

We, and the World Traveling Ambassadors, often get carried away by over communicating our words. First of all, they don’t speak our language, let alone comprehend sound and words.

Even highly ranked World Ambassadors have to be reminded by the people that communicating with them is like speaking to a dog. They remember actions corresponding to selective sounds. This meant the outcomes of what we do, especially ambassadors, must be consistent.

There was a group formed that protested against these intergalactic “road warriors” for three reasons; taxes, people are convinced the others don’t exist, and that The Ambassadors are great storytellers.

Off the record, one Ambassador claims that the others only noticed us because of our ‘higher vibrating twinkle’ seen every 13th round by our Rock of Glory.

If they can’t hear us, they can definitely see us. The higher vibrations of course are the holiday lights people shine across the world. The Ambassador mentioned that they couldn’t quite understand, or we couldn’t get across to them, our reasons for the colorful lights every 13th Moon.

But from one Ambassador to another, an endless debate subsides around the reasons for our 13th moon’s reflective auras. And with the latest news, an Ambassador is reporting that the others get a new beacon detected each full moon…


Continued here…

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