The World Ambassador’s Oath

This is the sequel to a short story being developed on the go with my watcher, who tells his tales about us as he watches us do stuff…

December 11, 2018

Blissed the fuck out, my headboard stands over my head. Soothing above the mp3 player is sounds of ambient tunes, at low for me to sleep. What’s louder sits below the views of Presenton—where the people reside.

I told him in my other story Mt. Zion was beautiful…

The last we spoke of them, confusion resulted from both parties. Today, we’re much stronger people, and we’re able to communicate with the others.

The exception are those unable to think in multi-dimensional patterns. And now introducing, our world Ambassadors.

These individuals are able to travel long intergalactic distances. Being outside the earth’s biosphere, they lose a couple of years of age. It’s much less than what we first discovered with our true buzz-light-years of humanity, pioneering space travel. Testing the ideas of an interconnected network through space and travel, we discovered something different.

A light unspoken for.

As they’re several light-years away, we gain further intelligence by each of their successful returns. Although ambassadors may return a year or five older, they add an eternity to each individual they come into contact with thereafter.

On the contrary, most people don’t like this idea because few benefit from these universal traveling assholes. They aren’t always honest about what’s out there.

Oh yeah, taxes, too, lol. But here we are—waiting as living contrasts to those who allow us so. I mean, someone’s gotta’ pay for these views…


Continued here…

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