This Is 22

Featured Photography by David Monk

Sunday, September 11, 2022

It’ll fall soon but that’s only for those who aren’t picking them up. For those collecting this past year’s memories of summer—a season that lasted eight months this year—they’re gathering what was harvested through the turning years of ambition.

The autumn ‘feel’ for the others will be a slate and matte-like morning where dew doesn’t evaporate at the same hour. So, what exactly falls back?

…the cycles of emotion, which over time became a spiral of trust. And this is twenty-two, where we’ve forever sprung forward.

So, get emotional about the year’s daylight beginning its seasonal performance of dusk. Be sad that the leaves will bare upon the mud, concrete, and your smothering footsteps as you rush to shelter for warmth. Oh yeah, cry if you must, especially if you’ve lost your one and only.

As we reap to store the goods and resources of the year, the sun will hide, and grey will thrive. Although some locations of the earth will have sunshine year around, it’s different on this side of the foliage.

What’ll rise, however, are the forces which break down each leaf, produces your sadness, and draws the tears. This is an energy we experience as dead leaves become nutrients, sinking back into the soil to fertilize trees.

There’s nothing about autumn that falls, but rather an autonomous cycle of what just has to happen for there to be a next time.

And so, it’s twenty-two’s turn…


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