I’m Exploregon

Feature photo taken at the submit of Angel’s Rest — Corbett, Oregon

Friday, June 24, 2022

Mount Scott, because it was the closest hilltop of glory to my house. So from the summer of 2018 to 2021, I ran and sang up that hill because at first it was excruciating. I even had an outer body experience the one time I made it to the very top, which was just before I took this photo.

Council Crest, because I think I’m the best. So I put that uphill trail to the test, and well, I’ll let you read the rest.

The run up Rocky Butte was followed by a ride up because I wanted to write through triumph. I’m not sure where I was going with that but here, go read about it.

By the time I decided to run up Mount Tabor I was gliding up these hilltops like Boeings taking off against the wind. Ain’t no pictures of me atop Mount Tabor, but I’ll tell you about it…

It was a three and a half mile run there, and then I’d dance[run] around the reservoir before eating up those steps. Yes, these steps. (There are more…)

I had to get the above image from LegitPDX.com because I don’t take pictures of my food before eating.

Powell Butte was the last of five buttes I’ve ran—which was also a three and a half mile run to its uphill trail.

I did that run sometime during COVID’s first run through us in 2020. I remember getting to the top and feeling, meh…No one cares.

It’s not like there’s a plaque for dances uphill…