Visions Of A Strange Runner

Photo Cred: aSourceOfInspiration

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sometimes we’re born to be. Our paths will allow us to see. Years of hearing from people where we should seek. Emotions responding through eternal feelings; confusion, delusion, but a pattern of abusing.

We have four significant feelings. Each to guide us to a strange place, but in fear we stay away. When running the path isn’t seen so, it’s in good faith.

Following the pleasant feeling you read my art. Ignoring the unpleasant vibes words emerge out of the dark. Appreciating the calm being I can hum; as does my soul. Expressing the arousal of a runner’s high, strangers see me bold.

Smiling as they stare—straight ahead I look but not glare. Watcher of my feelings down there. We’re both of the unknown. But who sources feelings as the runner and his dog approach?

We, including the K9, was born to breathe. Walk a path in route to strangers we’ll greet. Hear them calm, aroused, pleasant, or in fear speak.

I run like a beast so maybe my aura ain’t so inviting. Strangers who’d like to be accepted, a mile for you receptive. Those who want to be heroes get a smile through each mile. Teach a beast or they go wild…


No one’s a stranger. But be careful some folks are danger. They want love but confused as hate disguises their ignorance.

It’ll take a while to change their preference. Start today by smiling at strangers—maybe that’ll make a difference.


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