Bro, What?

Featured Art By BamBamBam.99

Monday, March 7, 2022

I’m a rover, dribbling across earth’s court of life,

Where a ball is my thoughts, and weather is my emotions.

The wind is momentum, and calm is a timeout—stillness—next play I draw out.

Sometimes I’m down, and the ball is not falling through the basket.

During timeouts, earth’s court of dreams gets mopped, cleaned,

Allowing my feet to better pivot my self-esteem,

And sneakers to squeak around screens.

The basket is a bit arbitrary,

And so this ball,

A bit weary,

You guessed it,

Shooting here is scary.

From a traveling ball hog,

Field goal percentage is mind bearing,

They come and go with emotional winds,

Better watch it—emotions are daring,

These technical fouls are like staring,

My basket moves—uncaring,

Each score is a new thing,

My teammate is a tree.

Wanna’ play me?

Just breathe.




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