Sunday, February 9, 2020 — 8:24 PM

While the good still die young we’ll never get the answers to why death has no name.

Because love has no shame, who Cupid strikes it seems he has no aim.

To the angels we miss, heavy hearted in the mist, and there’s often no goodbye kiss.

To him; I used to wanna’ jump like you, first shake and bake passed a few, and create rings with others who do, too…

For us late bloomers birthed by baby boomers we take a path rarely desired by others in mass.

Idolizing the prodigies of a dribbling past. 13, oh my, I visualized what he knew as the…

No–we shouldn’t go there.

To be fair my heart couldn’t bare. Would it really matter what happened in the air?

Answers are irrelevant and our strength is how we’ll grow from it.

From top left to bottom right – Pilot: Ara Zobayan; Family: John, Keri & Alyssa Altobelli; Mother & Daughter: Sarah & Payton Chester; Coach: Christina Mauser; Gianna & Kobe Bryant

Mommy and daddy’s little girls you must’ve been their jewel and pearls.

This life’s a one in a million to grow old and make it through wicked morals.

Follow your dreams each moment you may leave this world holding onto it.

Smiling down now as each body now apart of our nature’s bliss.

From here we appreciate the unity of each coach’s stint.

Building a thriving generation and there should be no movie to recreate it.

But to each of our realities as sports has brought us to this.

We ignore our differences to cheer.

Accepting the pain through tears.

Uniting by the numbers to remain here.

Collectively we love but never in vain.

For life is here, and death possibly near.

Be grateful you made it to words despite life’s fear.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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