Goodnight, From The Three Kings

Waxing Crescent Moon Over San Juan, PR

Thursday, January 6, 2022

On January 6th, Puerto Rico celebrates el Día de Reyes, Three Kings Day, or Epiphany, which commemorates the visit that the Three Wise Men paid to Jesus after his birth.

Christmas Star, or The Star of Bethlehem, was the inspiring ‘star’ in the eastern sky that inspired the Three Wise Men to travel to Jerusalem after Jesus was born. Some scholars assume they saw Jupiter, the brightest star below the moon around this time of year.

By the way, I got a very nice camera on my iPhone 13 Pro. Here’s the moon picture again… [Extended exposure]

Soo good!

But back to the Star of Bethlehem; because if you zoom in, just below the brightest star, Jupiter, you’ll see Saturn and Venus. It’s the one time of year the three planets align.

Another educated opinion assumes the Three Wise Men are a parable to this star conjunction. Why? Because some people choose not to believe in the book of Matthew, science, or care to understand the context of a story. Evidence is important, too, and all we have is passed down words, written by mouth.

The question will always be, what do you believe regardless of the people you follow, look up to, or trust. And don’t worry, I’m not writing to convince you either way because I’ve read the bible and what I believe is irrelevant.

I just think it’s awesome to see this star conjunction, share it with you, and look back on the year 2019 when I first researched this ‘Christmas Star‘ story. It was just before New Years 2020 when I got a clearer vision, an epiphany rather, and then COVID happened.

That clear vision, or epiphany, is exactly what I’m doing today. Obviously, it took some time to remove my filter on life and clean the lens. COVID just allowed me to adjust.

So, thank you to the beautiful city and culture of Puerto Rico. From here, I see the stars much better.

Now go do your own research 🙂


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