Hello Moon

Photo by Alex Rosario on Unsplash

Monday, September 20, 2021

Out of darkness, you rise.

#AmWriting but not surprised…

You’re full for now.

I’ll call you about…

The means I need and now.

For sure and no doubt,

You’ll provide in time profound.

You told me this.

Be happy, be still,

I am all I want.

Do not flaunt.

Many in contrast taunt.

It’s how they’re taught.

A moon without—a moon with all.

Same moon, new breath.

A reminder to never stress.

A kiss.

Soon by her I’ll caress.

I feel her dress.

Her eyes that’re blessed.

Keep it PG.

A moon so bright,

…same bulb of light,

Up high to unite us.

Down low, how does it find us?

In peace by a moon.

Earth Angel,

I’ll see you soon.



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