I Wrote This Book For You

RIGIL is now available on eBook and paperback!

Monday, September 13, 2021

RIGIL was written for those who grew up with an imaginary friend or two. And are now all growed up caring for kids and a spouse. Or those still trying to figure out this adulting theory. Because deep down, you’re an old ass kid. You’re a childish and selfish adult who now understands that the imaginary character you ventured with, was you, being stupid.

RIGIL was also written for dummies, by a dummy.

That’s me.

I’m Budd.

I like to think I’m doing extraordinary things. But at the end of the day, I’m only tethering words at bulk.

Before RIGIL and I parted ways around my sixth-grade year, I called him Oomph. That’s when I assumed he was an impression of my past self—because he was a voice in my head, mimicking past and imaginative behaviors.

In 2019, we met back up in Porto Seguro, Brazil. That’s where I got his real name. And guess what, he’s no impression of my past; he’s a beacon of my future.

You see, RIGIL’s an odd character, much like me. He’s difficult to read. Therefore, he writes.

I wrote this book on his behalf. He felt it best he tells his story before you know who…

Because people do stupid stuff next to train tracks.

It’s absurd. I know.

Oh yeah, I also wrote RIGIL for people who like getting on airplanes. That’s what I’m doing tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for more…


One thought on “I Wrote This Book For You

  1. Congratulations on being a Published author! Your words are set in black and white for the rest of earth time. What a major accomplishment Budd, keep writing. I’m going to keep reading.


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