DigestReport VOL. III: A Question From Hell & Back

Thinking, 1990 (oil on board) artwork by Murrell, Carlton

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Finding joy in telling people that I’m living my dream, is the essence in the nightmare which subsides—in that the contrasting trait of this lifestyle is a dream. I’ll soon wake up to realize life is more than this imagination of stringing thoughts, moments of seeking joy, and the times I cringe at a Black Lives Matter sign…

I think Mother Earth is tired of peopling—so much that it’s allowing us to fuck, reproduce at high rates, and then turn us against each other.

Well actually, that’s our tribal nature.

Don’t ask me to support the Black Lives Matter movement until the black lives who’re killing other black lives, are included in the stance. I searched for an answer on why it’s not included, and found several articles published.

Maybe I’ll no longer cringe, but I feel it’s cognitive dissonance. I also know that we live in an ‘AND’ world, so we’re allowed to walk and chew our gum. Maybe I’ll support the non-profits against gun violence

I wonder where those non-profits would be if billionaire’s supported them too? Anyways, this topic is so triggering, it’s also out of my scope of discussions. However, if you haven’t noticed, I am black.

So, don’t tell me I’m against Black Lives Matter, or my brothers and sisters whose skin is kin to mines.

Don’t tell me the grass is greener on the other side, because grass can die anywhere it grows.

It’s the latest DigestReport by me, Budd. And extraordinary things are on the way, but only if you agree.

That’s all I have to say, it’s all I have today.

Except this…

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!


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