Floating Through A Concrete Jungle

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Here I am floating beside Mt. Bliss.

Blowing it a kiss.

Somewhere within lives my father.

Who I dearly miss.

Since his departure I’ve progressed.

Much further in this process.

Failing up a jungle of success.

Learning the trials of life’s stress.

Churning lemons into my pitcher—blessed.

Now experiencing the movie—so I confess.

By example I’ll become.

Beside leaders treating us dumb.

Through fear though we’re here.

Hanging by my negro hair.

Growing it stronger through waters I’m near.

Running harder I was meant to breathe fear.

With politics aside we are one.

Configuring through bliss upon a star we shun.

What more can be done?

Teach the roots of a gone man’s son?

How he stares beside the brightest for fun?

At midnight it creeps.

Creatively writing in peace.

Floating through ages—no time.

Writing many pages—some rhyme.

Colorless creative—sublime.


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